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Yolka Featured in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Buzz grows over Utah ornaments so sweet you can eat them

A year ago, Marian Rivkind’s edible ornaments were merely conceptual.

Now, thanks in part to a microenterprise loan, her upscale Yölka Chocolates have been featured in major magazines, including O and EveryDay with Rachael Ray, and the elegant hanging Christmas balls are sold in shops from coast to coast.

Rivkind, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, grew up in Toronto. Her mother had managed to bring ornate glass ornaments from the old country — to hang on holiday trees called yölkas — but instead of giving her young daughters free rein with the delicate antiques, she wrapped fruit and confections in fancy foil for them to hang on the tree. READ MORE . . .

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Yölka Chocolates Unwrap the Tradition:

Fusing Old and New World Customs to Create Unique Holiday Ornaments

July 15, 2011 (Salt Lake City, Utah) Yölka Chocolates unwraps an age-old tradition with the launch of an opulent holiday chocolate ornament that will appeal to all generations. The Russian folk-art themed ornament was inspired by an old-world tradition of hanging foil-wrapped delicacies on Christmas trees. This custom harkens back to days when families came together and decorated evergreen fir trees — called “yolkas” — with treasured candies and fruits.

Today, families can create their own tradition with these artfully designed contemporary treasures. Inspired by a young mother who wanted to share her family’s Russian tradition with her children, these foil-wrapped chocolate spheres are decorated with a modern interpretation of Russian folk art. Yölka Chocolates are wrapped by hand and made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate. These type of ornaments date back to the 17th century when they were brought to Russia from Europe by Peter the Great, and now can be passed on to inspire new generations to create their own timeless holiday traditions. Unwrap the tradition. Rejoice with Yölka.

Yölka Chocolates will be unveiled at the California Gift Show on July 22 and the New York International Gift Fair on August 13.